Writing Search Engine Optimized Articles

How to Write SEO Focused Articles

Article marketing is changing into one of the most valuable strategies for driving a specific type of traffic to your website or blog. However, just writing an article and then posting it on the internet is not enough.

You must produce articles that obtain traffic from the search engines. It cannot be denied that the search engines are great for obtaining the attention that you need for your website. But, when you put article marketing and good SEO together, the results can be fabulous. There are tons of article marketers who have been acquiring consistent results just because they are getting ranked by the search engines for particular keywords.

Don't Keyword Stuff Your Writing: One of the most important rules of writing SEO articles is to insert keywords into your articles in a very natural way. You need to work at keeping the keyword density of your articles below five percent because once you get higher than that, your articles approach the "danger zone." Keyword stuffed articles aren't favored by the search engines because in addition to looking like spam, they seem to annoy readers. You should try and keep your articles sensible and include keywords only when you feel it's necessary. In addition to the search engines not liking it, article directories reject articles that have a keyword density that is too high.

Utilize the Right Grammar in the Title: Search engines put a lot of emphasis on the title of the webpage. This is because this is usually the first thing that they see when they are searching for a specific keyword and stumble upon a website.

If your title is wrong grammatically, then it will send the incorrect message to the people who locate your site via the search engines. Even if you do happen to get ranked for your specific keyword, the number of visitors you receive will decrease as a result of this calculated error. So really be sure about making sure your title is grammatically correct.

Do not Use Incorrectly Spelled Keywords: There is a trend that a lot of articles have started doing and this is to spell words incorrectly in the article just to get ranked for it. Contrary to belief, when you use a misspelled keyword, you will not get a lot of traffic on your website.

Besides, it lowers the basic quality of the article and makes it seem like an amateur did SEO optimized content it. Who would want to waste their time with an article that had a lot of misspelled words in it? You know the strategy that you were trying to use, but the reader does not. So they will just skip your article and do another search for the right keyword.

In summary, from other the above article we can clearly come to understand the significance of leveraging the search engines to derive the maximum value out of your articles and getting them in front of your targeted audience. It will be a while if you have never used SEO before. But in the long run, you will start to notice how valuable the traffic that you are getting from search engines is very beneficial. This is because you do not have to dish out any extra cash SEO results for it or do much work for it either. So go ahead, start writing SEO focused articles that are actually worth the effort.

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